Fischer Investment Group, FIG, has managed equity, balanced and fixed income portfolios for individual and institutional clients around the country, from our offices in Rochester, NY, since 1987. We combine strict discipline and a bottom-up investment style, to uncover value that is often hidden or overlooked in the market. The result is long-term investment performance from a portfolios that matches each client’s unique needs.

Our clients include individual investors, corporations, estates and trusts, endowments, foundations and employee retirement plans. We address each client’s existing portfolio and tax situation before customizing an investment strategy to best meet their objectives.

FIG’s strong client relationships are the result of four guiding principles:

  1. We maintain a value investing methodology tailored to the goals of each client.
  2. We protect our client’s principal investment from market risks and volatility.
  3. We provide exemplary personal service.
  4. We seek superior performance over the long run.