Investment Strategies

Providing a range of investment strategy options

Fischer Investment Group offers a wide range of investment strategy options. Our team of investment professionals can assist in guiding clients toward selecting the right strategy to meet their investment goals.

All Cap Equity

A value, “bottom up” approach targeting all-sized capitalized companies, including ADRs, with strong financial characteristics and fundamentals; portfolios have approximately 25-35 holdings.

Dividend Yield

A derivation of our All Cap strategy with an emphasis on dividend income generation.

Aggressive Equity

A derivation of our All Cap strategy with an emphasis on small, mid-cap and international stocks.

Fixed Income/Bonds

The range of portfolio maturities and duration is flexible, varying with the relative value of the bond market and with specific needs and risk tolerances of our clients. Our strategy implies an overweighting in non-government fixed- income securities and requires that all segments of the capital markets be monitored to capitalize on yield differentials that develop because of market inefficiencies. Credit quality is a necessary consideration in our fixed income decision-making process.

ETF Low-Cost Asset Allocation

Based on a low-cost, asset allocation model, this strategy is tailored to the individual client with a specific asset allocation with a core of 12-20 holdings. Typically, the ETFs are load-waived, institutional class shares, and free of all trading commissions. The target beta, or risk, of these model portfolios is that of the S&P 500. The average net expense ratio is 0.11% to 0.20% depending on the specific allocation.

Mutual Fund Management

401k plans primarily fall into this strategy. Our firm is pleased to offer an “unbundled, open architecture” 401k plan.

“Signals” Investment Advisory

A disciplined investment process which affords registered investment advisors, brokers and broker-dealers compliance with the new US Department of Labor fiduciary rules. Typically, one or more of the investment strategies the firm offers is utilized with this strategy.

Low cost

Unlike many other registered investment advisors, Fischer Investment Group does not charge “A” share commissions, so you get to keep that 5.75% that many brokers charge on day one.

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