Providing peace of mind

Pursuant to Rule 206(4)-2 of the Advisers Act, you are urged to compare any portfolio statement you receive from Fischer Investment Group with the statement you receive directly from your custodian for accuracy.

For compliance reasons, we are unable to accept checks that are intended for deposit into your account. If you would like to deposit a check, please make it payable to your custodian and mail it directly to the custodian. Remember to include your account number on the check. If you need your custodian’s address, feel free to contact us.

Check our filing with the United States Securities & Exchange Commission:

Fischer Investment Group is in compliance with the United States Department of Labor rules on investing that were recently enacted.

Fischer Investment Group does not have conflict any of interest; does not accept any performance-based fees; does not have any other financial industry activities or affiliations; does not maintain custody of client funds or investment securities.

All client assets are in control of the client’s qualified custodian.

Our goals are aligned

Our fees are based on a percentage of your portfolio value. When the value of your portfolio goes up, we both make more. Our firm does not sell high priced annuities or commission-based products. And we are prohibited by law to accept a commission.